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Past Research Reports and Books
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The Biodiplomacy Programme has produced several UNU-IAS Reports linked with the areas of research within the programme.  UNU-IAS Reports are 20-40 page reports which convey the outputs of the UNU-IAS researchers (and their collaborators) as policy relevant messages.  The main audience for the reports are policy makers in national governments and representatives at international meetings such as meetings of the Convention on Biological Diversity. 

The Programme has recently been expanding both its target audience and range of knowledge resources.  Pocket-guides were produced in 2008 which targeted local communities (including indigenous peoples) and non-experts.  The pocket-guides are short, easy to follow explanations of the key issues in a particular area of international policy making such as climate change and access to genetic resources. 

More extensive reports, books and policy briefs have also been produced which target policy makers and capacity development funding agencies.





  • Bioprospecting of Genetic Resources in the Deep Seabed
  • Bioprospecting in Antarctica



  • User Measures: Options for Developing Measures in User Countries to Implement the Access and Benefit-Sharing Provisions of the Convention on Biological Diversity (2nd edition)
  • Biodiversity Access and Benefit-Sharing Policies for Protected Areas
  • The International Regime for Bioprospecting: Existing Policies and Emerging Issues for Antarctica
  • In Search of BiosecurityCapacity Development on Access to Genetic Resources, Benefit-Sharing, and Biosafety in Central Asia and Mongolia



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