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RCE Lima - Callao
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RCE Lima-Calloa runs activities in metropolitan Lima, Peru and throughout the Callao region. As an organization, it is committed to the defense of life and the preservation of the environment and it is focused on bringing public and private organizations together to use education as a means to achieve this common goal. In addition to its work on a local level, it is also fully committed to raising awareness about education for sustainable development on national and international levels.

RCE Lima-Callao is a network of key regional sustainability stakeholders ranging from the Instituto Peruano del Pensamiento Complejo Edgar Morin and National Assembly of Rectors to the Ministry of Education and the Regional Government of Callao. Together, they are focused on:
  • Identifying and documenting best practices in formal and informal sustainable development education
  • Providing training on education for sustainable development
  • Promoting research projects on education and sustainable development
  • Promoting intercultural dialogue and encouraging national debate on the quality and relevance of education for sustainability
  • Contributing to the creation and implementation of public policy related to ESD
  • Hosting discussions, courses, conferences and other activities to raise public awareness about ESD
For more information on this RCE, please visit their website at or contact:

Teresa Salinas Gamero
Executive Director
Instituto Peruano del Pensamiento Complejo Edgar Morin (Peruvian Institute for Complex Thought Edgar Morin), Ricardo Palma University
Lima, Peru

Javier Carbajal-Mendoza
Administrative Coordinator and Research
Instituto Peruano del Pensamiento Complejo Edgar Morin, Ricardo Palma University
Lima, Peru

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