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RCE Okayama
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RCE Okayama is located in Okayama City, located on the north shore of the Seto Inland Sea in Japan. It is a major regional transportation hub and the city itself has a population of roughly 670,000. Since the Meiji era, the Okayama region has been developing steadily as the centre of Okayama Prefecture. It has acquired business, educational, cultural, political and administrative functions and has all the facilities necessary for a comfortable lifestyle. However, the Okayama region also faces challenges, such as an expanding aging population, destruction of farmland and natural environments in the suburbs, and severe congestion due to an over-dependence on private transportation.

The goal of RCE Okayama is to promote ESD that reflects the nature of the region, creating a community where people learn, think, and act together, through interactions and collaborations with ESD actors both within and outside the region. The RCE is currently working to:
  • Raise understanding and awareness of sustainable development among organizations, groups and individuals in the region, and to increase active participation by affiliated organizations;
  • Create ESD-related programmes or curricula that reflect the nature of the region
  • Designate and foster specific organizations as Primary Organizations to promote ESD in the region; and
  • Support organizations involved in ESD and strengthen partnerships with them.
For more information on this RCE, please contact the
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