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Environment and Multilateral Diplomacy Working Paper Series
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All working papers are gradually being converted into downloadable PDF files (using Adobe Acrobat Reader). Please check back again soon or request a specific paper by emailing

Darryl R J Macer and Makina Kato, "Biotechnology, Patents and Bioethics", UNU/IAS Environment & Multilateral Diplomacy Series, 11, 2001. Download paper as PDF (319k)

Gary P Sampson, "Biotechnology and Trade: Issues Confronting the WTO", UNU/IAS Environment & Multilateral Diplomacy Series, 10, 2001. Download paper as PDF (367k)

Brendan Barrett, W Bradnee Chambers and Heike Schroeder, "Perceptions of Science and Politics in the UNFCCC Process: Delegates at COP3 and COP4", UNU-IAS EMD Series, 8, 2001.

Daniel Esty, "Trade and Climate Change: An Inescapable Policy Link," UNU-IAS EMD Series, 7, 2000.

Jyoti K Parikh, "Linking Technology Transfer with Clean Development Mechanism (CDM): A Developing Country Perspective", UNU-IAS EMD Series, 6, 2000.

W Bradnee Chambers, "Revisiting the ‘Carrot and Stick’ Debate: Is a Normative Theory of Compliance Adequate to Deal with the Economic Nature of the UNFCCC's Kyoto Protocol and the Participation of Non–State Actors?" UNU-IAS EMD Series, 5, 2000.

Thierry Vaissière, "Non–Compliance Procedures in International Environmental Law, Liability, and their Consequences Compared", UNU-IAS EMD Series, 4, 2000.

Norichika Kanie, "Domestic Policy and Leadership in Multilateral Diplomacy: The Case of the Netherlands' Kyoto Protocol Negotiations", UNU-IAS EMD Series, 3, 2000.

Guido F S Soares, "International Trade and Environment: Confrontation between the WTO/GATT and Environmental Protection Norms", UNU-IAS EMD Series, 2, 1999.

Robert E Hudec, "Trade and Environment Policy in Developed Countries", UNU-IAS EMD Series, 1, 1999.

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