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Media Releases
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Biodiversity is life. Biodiversity is our life.


UNU Centre Media Release 2010. 10.18
UNU-IAS to Launch Findings of Japan Satoyama-Satoumi Assessment on 22 October

UNU Centre Media Release 2010. 10.18
UNU Publications on Traditional Marine Management and Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change to be Launched at COP 10 in Nagoya

UNU Centre Media Release 2010. 10.18
CBD Secretariat and UNU-IAS Launch CBD Technical Series Report on Biological and Cultural Diversity in Coastal Communities

UNU Centre Media Release 2010. 10.18
A UNU COP-10 Side Event:
Assessing National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans

UNU Centre Media Release 2010. 06.30    UNU to Host “Commons for the Future” Symposium
UNU Centre Media Release    2010.04.22
UNU to Host Symposium on Sub-global Assessment of Satoyama and Satoumi in Japan

UNU Centre Media Release                  
UNU to Host Symposium on the Current Status of Biodiversity
UNU-IAS Press Release 2010.04.07
UNU-IAS Operating Unit Ishikawa/Kanazawa Relocates and makes a Fresh Start: The Public Forum on Marine Sustainability brings together Policy-makers, Researchers, and Community Leaders of all Levels


UNU Centre Media Release 2009.12.09 UNU to Host Symposium on Agroforestry's Relevance to Sustainable Development

UNU Centre Media Release 
UNU will Celebrate International Biodiversity Day With a Symposium on 22 May

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