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COP11 Events
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Photo: R. Blasiak / UNU-IAS

UNU-IAS COP11 related Events 
UNU-IAS is a research and educational institution committed to promoting and advancing knowledge related to sustainable development. As preserving biodiversity is one of the most important sustainability challenges today, the institute has been holding events to share and discuss relevant issues ranging from biodiplomacy and traditional knowledge to satoyama/satoumi. Below are a list of UNU-IAS events leading up to COP11, and side events that will take place in Hyderabad in October.

UNU-IAS and COP11 Events

18 September 2012 CBD/COP 11 Seminar Series:Biodiversity and Human Well-being – Contribution from Ishikawa/Kanazawa
2 July 2012 CBD/COP 11 Seminar Series: Satoyama and Satoumi in Ishikawa/Kanazawa

COP11 Side Events

7 October 2012

Third IPSI Global Conference

8 October 2012 RCEs and Biodiversity: Local Solutions Linking Education and Implementation
8 - 19 October 2012 Fair on Experiences and Best Practices in CEPA
9 October 2012

Biodiversity and Community Health: Operationalizing Linkages Between Conservation and Development on the Ground

9 October 2012 IPSI Evening
10 October 2012 Promoting Biological Diversity and Ecosystem Services in Socio-ecological Production Landscapes
11 October 2012

Community Wellbeing: A Flexible Approach to Measure Progress from the Ground Up?

11 October 2012

COP11 Side Event: Achievements and Further Development of the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (IPSI)

12 October 2012 CBD COP11 “Community Dialogue Space”
12 October 2012 Education for Sustainable Development (ESD): Multiple Perspective Approaches to Biodiversity Education and Learning
15 October 2012 Traditional Knowledge and Area-based Management Measures in Marine and Coastal Ecosystems

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