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About the United Nations University (UNU)
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New insights and solutions for our impact on the world

United Nations University (UNU) studies human activities and the way in which we are altering the world, with a particular emphasis on the concerns and needs of developing countries.

UNU was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 to be an international community of scholars engaged in research, advanced training, and the dissemination of knowledge related to pressing global problems of human survival, development and welfare.

The overarching goal of the United Nations University is to contribute to global sustainable development that will enable present generations to live a decent life in peace, in freedom, in safety, and in good health without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. In pursuit of this ideal, the UN University employs a systems-oriented, interdisciplinary, problem-solving approach that integrates the methodological rigour of the natural and physical sciences with the insights of the social sciences and humanities.

UNU Centre - a global educational network for improved human well-being

UNU Centre in Tokyo coordinates the overall research, capacity development, dissemination, and networking activities of the University and maintains close contact with the United Nations system.

  Contact Information for the UNU Center

UNU Research and Training Institutes and Programmes

In addition to UN University Institute of Advanced Studies in Yokohama, there are fourteen other research and training institutes and programmes around the world.

  Contact Information for the UNU Research and Training Centres and Programmes

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