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Per Stromberg
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Per Stromberg is a Visiting Research Fellow at the United Nations University (Yokohama, Japan) and Economist at the Policy Analysis Unit of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. He was awarded the James Claydon Prize in Economics from the University of Cambridge and is a Cambridge European Trust Fellow, holding a PhD and MSc in environmental economics (University of Cambridge and University College, London, respectively) and a BSc in economics (Stockholm University). Dr. Stromberg has lectured at universities in Japan and Peru. Having published widely on economic development and the environment, his current research focuses on economics of climate change, ecosystem services, and biofuel production in developing countries. He has been a researcher for the United Nations Development Programme, the UN Economic Commission for Latin America, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the economics unit of the Delegation of the European Commission in Mexico, and the International Institute for Environment and Development. He previously headed the Sustainable Development Governance initiative at the United Nations University’s Institute of Advanced Studies.
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