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Yozo Yokota
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Yozo Yokota is a Professor of Law in the Faculty of Law at Chuo University, Tokyo. He is Special Adviser to the Rector of United Nations University. He gained his Doctorate in Law from the Graduate School of Law and Politics of the University of Tokyo in 1969.His previous academic posts include:

  • Professor, International Christian University (1979–1995)
  • Professor, Faculty of Law of University of Tokyo (1995–2001)
  • Visiting Professor, Adelaide University (1983)
  • Visiting Professor, University of Michigan Law School (1984)
  • Visiting Professor, Columbia University School of Law (1984–1985)

He acted as the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar from 1992 to 1996 and is currently a member of the UN Sub–Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights.

His research interests include public international law, international human rights law, international economic law, law of international organisations, law of international development, United Nations studies, and Japanese foreign policy.

Recent Publications

The Law of International Relations, co-author, Association for the Promotion of Education through the University of the Air, 2002 [in Japanese]

The Legal Structure of International Organizations, Kokusai Shoin Publishing Company, 2001 [in Japanese]

The Law of International Organizations, co-author, Yuhikaku Publishing Company, 1999 [in Japanese]

The Twentieth Century and International Organizations, Institute for Basic Studies in International Relations, 1989 [in Japanese]

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