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Payment of Environmental Services - Costa Rica’s Success Story
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Wednesday, 9 November 2011, 14:30 - 16:00 at UNU-IAS

a Lecture by

H.E. Mr. Álvaro Cedeño Molinari
Ambassador of Costa Rica to Japan

Ambassador Álvaro Cedeño Molinari discussing Costa Rica's conservation programmes and initiatives
Photo: UNU-IAS

Event Description
Language: English

Until the mid 1980s, Costa Rica had suffered a devastating process of deforestation giving way to more land-intensive agricultural production. Since then, government policies and incentives have transformed tendencies and have resulted in a significant improvement in forest coverage, ecosystem conservation and biodiversity prospection.

Today, the country is home to an estimated 4% of the world’s biodiversity despite occupying a mere 0.03% of the planet’s land mass. Its geographical location and topography create several microclimates that are optimal for the coexistence of a wide variety of living organisms.

The preservation of ecosystems in a sustainable manner has required consideration about supporting the lifestyles of communities that live in or around them. Not only is it relevant to preserve nature, but also to feed the people and to create awareness about the need for restoration and development without degradation.

This is the success story of Costa Rica and a series of challenges for the decades to come. Climate change requires a deeper consideration about the way to move forward. Some elements of this process can be shared with countries in other latitudes, in the same way as best practices from other regions of the world have enriched the nation’s capabilities to propose sustainable development.


14:30 - 14:40 Opening Remarks
Govindan Parayil, Director , UNU-IAS and Vice-Rector , UNU

14:40 - 15:15

Payment of Environmental Services - Costa Rica’s Success Story
Álvaro Cedeño Molinari, Ambassador of Costa Rica to Japan

15:15 - 16:00

Chair: M.S. Suneetha, Research Fellow , UNU-IAS

Video and Audio Podcasts

9 November 2011
Payment of Environmental Services - Costa Rica’s Success Story

Opening Remarks 
Prof. Govindan Parayil
, Director, UNU-IAS and Vice-Rector, UNU

[Archived Video- 3 minutes];

Payment of Environmental Services - Costa Rica’s Success Story H.E. Mr. Álvaro Cedeño Molinari, Ambassador of Costa Rica to Japan
[Archived Video- 31 minutes]; [Archived Audio- 31 minutes]

[Archived Video- 33 minutes]; [Archived Audio- 33 minutes]

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Speaker's Bibliography

Álvaro Cedeño Molinari is Costa Rican ambassador to Japan since 1 August 2011. He studied Law at the University of Costa Rica, obtained a Masters in Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation at the University of Tromsø, Norway, and another Masters in Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University in Australia.

He has worked as tourist guide, translator, lawyer, government official and diplomat. He has been an international volunteer for ten years in intercultural and peace education around the world. His mandate as ambassador to Japan includes the implementation of a green economy strategy for his country.

Read more about Ambassador Álvaro Cedeño Molinari in Tokyo Diplomat.

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Registration is closed.
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